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Cobario (Austria)

Herwig Schaffner viiul
Giorgio Rovere kitarr
Jakob Lackner kitarr

Cobario is a one-of-a-kind world music trio from Vienna, Austria. Beginning in 2006 in Barcelona, Rio Che and El Coba first developed the instrumental acoustic project “Cobario” around their two powerful guitar styles. Several months later, the extraordinary violinist Herwigos joined their ranks to complete the trio, which casts its incomparable spell with passion and finesse over a pleasure-loving audience.

Their unique style is probably best described as “gypsy classique”. Flamenco, Gypsy, Celtic, Slavic, Asian and comtemporary influences all contribute to the unique yet familiar sound, and invite the listener to close their eyes and escape from reality. In the last 3 years Cobario has been expanding their audience – the dashing ensemble not only delighted listeners at festivals across Europe, but also enchanted thousands of listeners in Canada.

In January 2014 the guitarist Rio Che left the instrumental trio. After some time of reflection El Coba and Herwigos decided to pursue the project Cobario and found a brilliant substitute in Georg Aichberger alias Giorgio Rovere. Within the same year Cobario released a new album (Royal) and presented it at their wintertour through Germany, Austria and Swizzerland.


Herwig Schaffner aka “Herwigos” began playing the violin and the piano at the age of eight, and was invited to attend the prestigious University Mozarteum Salzburg at only sixteen years of age. He performed in several orchestras including the European Youth Orchestra, and played under the direction of Yehudi Menuhin and Sandor Vegh. As a youth he was already touring Europe and Asia, playing in cities like Istanbul, Berlin, Beijing and Shanghai.

Three years ago Herwig started composing pieces for string quartet and symphonic orchestra, having wonderful success with the performances. Herwigos is the most recent member of Cobario, and remembers: “I often have been asked to take part in a project, but the day I met these two guys in the street I knew something was different. It was their charisma and character, as well as the power of the music they were playing, which evoked the desire in me for making and creating music together.”

When playing the violin, Herwigos intuitively picks up the concentration of the listener and takes them away on a journey, a ranging of passion from Viennese charm to gypsy spirit. His performances never fail to elicit shouts and gasps of awe and excitement.

Giorgio Rovere

Georg Aichberger aka “Giorgio Rovere“ began playing the guitar as a teenager.

From the first day on he was obsessed with this instrument and its variety of sounds. After some years of self taught playing, Georgio attended the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna to study with Arnoldo Moreno, who showed him the world of Latin Music and numerous other possibilities of styles on the nylon guitar.

Georgio studied in Vienna and Sydney, and played different styles of music in several bands. His musical journeys took him to lots of places, such as Spain, France, Germany, Croatia, Australia, and many others.

In 2014, he met the other guys of Cobario, who were then searching for a new guitar player. Georgio decided to take the chance and jumped on the „Cobario-Train“, in excitement about their musical journey together.

He feels, that making music is his purpose in this life and he wants to bring out the joy of making music in the compositions of Cobario!

El Coba

Jakob Lackner aka “El Coba” became obsessed in his early teenage years by the sound of guitars. After three years of learning on his own, he began studying with Bernhard Schnabel (classical guitar), Erich Zinner (electric guitar) and of course Austria’s famous Peter Ratzenbeck. Until the age of 20, Jakob played in several musical projects covering many different styles, until he met Rio Che, with whom he founded Cobario.

Jakob is the youngest and most extroverted member of the band, which is reflected in his compositions. From Cobario’s first show until today, El Coba has shaken a lot of people awake with his impressive style of playing guitar in an energetic and percussive way. Sometimes it seems as if he would fall out of his chair while performing the dynamic and effusive compositions of Cobario!

  • 1st Place – Best Band (Audience) – Strassenmusikfestival, Ludwigsburg 2016
  • 1st Place – Best Band (Audience) – Strassenmusikfestival, Ludwigsburg 2014
  • 1st Place – Kings of Streetmusic – Klesmerfestival, Salzgitter 2014
  • 1st Place – Best Act (Audience) – Stadtspektakel, Landshut 2012
  • 1st Place – Best Music Act (Jury) – Busker Festival, Kingston (Canada) 2011
  • 1st Place – Best Band (Audience) – Musicfestival, Bad Saulgau 2010

“When we talk about Cobario, we talk of virtuosity and passion. Their instrumental music is relaxing but exciting and energetic at the same time and captivates the audience within seconds. Moreover, these guys are always very friendly and highly professional. I’m looking forward to having them back at our festival again someday.”

Christoph Sprecher, Organizer of the St. Gallus Festival, Switzerland

“You won’t miss the singing – quite on the contrary: the subtle sound of the acoustic guitars and the violin take the audience somewhere far away in their dreams – but where to they will decide by themselves.”

Marbacher Newspaper 2012, Germany

“Cobario are a fantastic addition to any festival or event. Their professionalism and musicianship are second to none. I would bring them back in a minute! Great musicians, great people, great fun!”

Jan McDonald, Organizer of the Kingston Buskers Festival, Canada

“Where ever Cobario was playing they spread a wonderful atmosphere. Their music is very touching and addictive.”

Janine Pfister, Organizer of the Lenzburger Gauklerfestival, Switzerland

“Including all different genres that I’ve heard up to now – Cobario`s music is unique. Cobario is presenting their compositions in such an emotional way – a live concert of this trio is far apart from common musical entertainment.”

Steffen Schlosser, Organizer and Musician – Rudolstadt, Germany

“Cobario – their music is just absolutely smooth plus the guys are super nice to work and be together with!”

Peter Gerber, Organizer of Kulturpflaster Festival Regensburg, Germany

“The acoustic project Cobario started as simple street music in Barcelona a few years ago. The world of roaming vagabonds also is the theme in the band’s CD A Vagabond’s Tale. Two guitars and a violin express the travelling musician‘s emotions. Without singing one single word, the three musicians tell colorful stories of a tango of death, of gypsies, of a clown’s funeral and of returning home – wherever the wandering musician might consider his hometown to be. The melodies’ energy and richness in narration create an explosion of pictures in your head, arouse emotions and lift your mood. The three musicians harmonize perfectly, pearls of sound gliding down their strings – jumping back and forth, like a well conducted yo-yo. A lot could be analyzed, written, told and spread about Cobario and their music, but actually a few words are sufficient: the CD A Vagabond’s Tale is remarkably beautiful.”

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